Specialty Programs

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is pleased to provide students a wide range of high school program opportunities which focus on career exploration, subject area concentration, and college/university preparation. 

Specialty and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs provide students with opportunities to earn certifications, licenses, or other professional credentials in an area of study. Students can choose from programs tailored to their strengths and interests as they prepare for postsecondary experiences, whether they plan to enter the workforce directly, seek additional training, or enroll in a postsecondary institution.

Students may apply for the specialty program at their base high school, apply to transfer to another high school for a specialty program, or apply to participate in a transport program while remaining at their base school for their academic coursework.

Learn about specialty program transportation.

Transfer Programs

Students living within the boundaries of the specialty program school may ride their regular bus to school. Students who reside outside the program school boundaries may utilize the network of express bus stops.

Students participating in Specialty Programs outside of their zoned school receive express bus stops. Out-of-boundary Specialty Program students are students who live outside the host school's boundaries but within the specialty school's boundaries.

Express bus stops will be established at express bus stops where six or more students have selected the stop. If your Specialty Program Coordinator has not contacted you by June regarding the express bus stops established for the following school year, you should contact the Specialty Program Coordinator.

Transportation requests, including the selection of a specific express stop, must be returned to the school with the specialty program application and again for every year the student is enrolled in the program.

Parents have the responsibility to provide transportation to and from express bus stops.

Transport Programs

Students attend all core and non-program classes and activities at their base school. A PWCS bus transports students between their base school and their program school for all CTE program classes daily, returning in time to ride their regular bus home.